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UMBRIACHEM – Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Analytical Characterisation Laboratory

We support your research ensuring efficiency, flexibility and transparency.
UMBRIACHEM offers the best and most suitable solution for your needs.

We aim to help our customers by synthesizing innovative and tailor-made molecules such as reference compounds, reaction intermediates, impurities and building blocks with a high degree of purity confirmed by NMR, GC and HPLC techniques.


Preparation of organic molecules, ranging in quantities from mg to tens of grams

Synthesis of impurities and reaction intermediates

Chiral pool approach for Asymmetric synthesis

Creation of a small library of compounds


H/D exchange reaction

Preparation of selectively deuterated molecules through single or multi-step reactions

Preparation of organic molecules to introduce deuterated synthons


Identification and structural characterisation of organic compounds

Isolation and characterisation of impurities


Collaboration between UMBRIACHEM and third parties to deliver innovative research projects

Development and optimisation of new synthetic methodologies starting from bibliographic research

Our Approach To Project Management

UMBRIACHEM is committed to respond to customer’s enquiries within 7 working days sending a project plan which includes costs and timeline for the completion of the work.


The cost of a project can vary enormously depending on the price of reagents, number of synthetic steps, technologies involved, and resources employed among other factors. To guarantee a dynamic, flexible and tailor-made service, UMBRIACHEM offers the following formulas:


The customer pays only if UMBRIACHEM delivers the product of interest or service required. This type of project is most common when the synthetic route is well documented in literature, therefore limited method development is required. Furthermore, the price initially agreed will remain unchanged even if there are unforeseen circumstances or additional costs are encountered during the project.


In this case the price is based on the time a resource is spent working on the project and not on its outcome. This type of contract is adopted for complex projects, considered at high risk, where it is difficult to predict the probability of success. The chemist will work entirely for the client providing regular updates on the state of the work.